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Best World International Limited (SGX: CGN)

I'm writing this post today to share with you a counter that recently appeared in my stock screener. I apologise that I have not posted much recently as I was on a short break from work. I have finally gotten a full-time job with my current employer (was working as a contract staff previously) and I am really excited to learn as much as I can! Anyway, back to the main focus of today's post. Here is some quick info on Best World. Best World International Limited (SGX: CGN) Business Description Best World International Limited develops, manufactures, and distributes skincare, personal care, nutritional, and wellness products. The company operates through Direct Selling, Export, and Manufacturing/Wholesale segments. It offers inner harmony products, including Avance for digestive health, circulatory health, natural resistance, rejuvenation, and oral care; and Optrimax weight management products. The company also provides outer harmony products, such as DR’s Secret range

Why I am not buying Creative Technology Ltd. (SGX: C76)

If you're like me, who reads the news daily, I am pretty sure you are familiar with Creative Technology share price rally. The share price has appreciated more than a whopping 680% ! To those who have bought the share in the past few days, congratulations to you, you must be sitting on a decent amount of profit! With the rapid increase in price, I knew that Creative would hit my screening threshold for market capitalization and end up on my Watchlist. My intuition was right, I ran my screen after yesterday's market close and there it was, "SGX: C76". However, I will share with you why I will not be purchasing Creative's shares as of now. My investment strategy revolves around the idea of buying above average companies at below average prices. The reason why Creative's shares have appreciated so much in value is due to the introduction of a new technology dubbed "Super X-Fi". I won't go into much detail as to how the techno

AEM Holdings Ltd. (SGX: AWX)

As promised from my previous Watchlist Update , I am here to share with you the stock that shot right up to my list of above average business at below average prices. It is none other than AEM Holdings Ltd. (SGX: AWX). I scooped up some shares at $6.25 a few days ago despite hearing "Wow, it's already so high! Better not buy" and "You should wait for it to drop a bit first". Personally, I feel that given its current financials and fundamentals, it is still severely undervalued. Lets take a look at my screener statistics out of 37 stocks that fit my criteria. AEM Holdings Ltd. (SGX: AWX)  Business Description AEM Holdings Ltd, an investment holding company, provides solutions in equipment systems; and precision components and related manufacturing services for various industries. The company operates through Equipment Systems Solutions and Precision Component Solutions segments. It provides high density modular test handlers, wafer handling