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Screener Update (08/7/2018)

TickerCompany NameStock PriceMarket CapEarnings YieldEBITEnterprise ValueRankROICNet Working CapitalNet Fixed AssetRankTotal RankFiling DateSGX:CHZHRnetGroup Limited0.86864.119.8%55.86567.123184.9%29.390.82149/5/2018SGX:CH8China Sunsine Chemical Holdings Ltd.1.34658.8722.5%124.97554.50144.3%141.66140.154525/4/2018SGX:V01VICOM Ltd6.12542.497.1%30.74430.24591.4%(10.88)44.52279/5/2018SGX:UD2Japfa Ltd.0.631,154.1711.0%287.182,606.81215.2%529.211,364.055730/4/2018SGX:ADNFirst Sponsor Group Limited1.29836.959.0%114.581,274.09412.8%664.46232.7061024/4/2018SGX:CTNBreadTalk Group Limited1.20675.934.2%31.13735.81870.5%(121.07)165.213113/5/2018SGX:M1GUSabana Shari'ah Compliant Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust0.44458.095.8%46.40802.7765.0%(16.34)942.8871323/4/2018SGX:CEDUDasin Retail Trust0.87480.174.5%41.81936.2972.7%(14.37)1,577.7781510/5/2018SGX:5IGGallant Venture Ltd.0.13709.900.5%14.203,093.2090.7%1,545.10602.4291810/5/2018

1H18 Portfolio Update

It is that time of the year where I go through my portfolio and recent transactions.
I currently hold 6 stocks with their respective returns:
1) UMS (-5.80%) 2) AEM (-9.52%) 3) China Sunsine (+34.81%) 4) Breadtalk (+25.71%) 5) VICOM (+4.97%) 6) SBS Transit (-0.17%)
The returns are inclusive of the dividends paid out.  For more information, you can view it here!
I have relooked at the financials of both UMS and AEM and have decided to double down on UMS since my last post. Naturally, my portfolio is more sensitive to the semiconductor industry.
I am still extremely bullish for China Sunsine that I decided to average up. Before averaging up, returns for China Sunsine reached +77.95%. Funny enough, my first post that was uploaded on my blog. I'd say I got pretty lucky!
As for what I will be looking to acquire for the next quarter, that will depend on the next release of quarterly results. My plan is to acquire 2 shares per quarter (beginning of quarter). After which, I aim to hold i…