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Screener Update (08/7/2018)

Ticker Company Name Stock Price Market Cap Earnings Yield EBIT Enterprise Value Rank ROIC Net Working Capital Net Fixed Asset Rank Total Rank Filing Date
SGX:CHZ HRnetGroup Limited 0.86 864.11 9.8% 55.86 567.12 3 184.9% 29.39 0.82 1 4 9/5/2018
SGX:CH8 China Sunsine Chemical Holdings Ltd. 1.34 658.87 22.5% 124.97 554.50 1 44.3% 141.66 140.15 4 5 25/4/2018
SGX:V01 VICOM Ltd 6.12 542.49 7.1% 30.74 430.24 5 91.4% (10.88) 44.52 2 7 9/5/2018
SGX:UD2 Japfa Ltd. 0.63 1,154.17 11.0% 287.18 2,606.81 2 15.2% 529.21 1,364.05 5 7 30/4/2018
SGX:ADN First Sponsor Group Limited 1.29 836.95 9.0% 114.58 1,274.09 4 12.8% 664.46 232.70 6 10 24/4/2018
SGX:CTN BreadTalk Group Limited 1.20 675.93 4.2% 31.13 735.81 8 70.5% (121.07) 165.21 3 11 3/5/2018
SGX:M1GU Sabana Shari'ah Compliant Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust 0.44 458.09 5.8% 46.40 802.77 6 5.0% (16.34) 942.88 7 13 23/4/2018
SGX:CEDU Dasin Retail Trust 0.87 480.17 4.5% 41.81 936.29 7 2.7% (14.37) 1,577.77 8 15 10/5/2018
SGX:5IG Gallant Venture Ltd. 0.13 709.90 0.5% 14.20 3,093.20 9 0.7% 1,545.10 602.42 9 18 10/5/2018


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